March Birthday Special – FREE SHIPPING

As many of you know, March is the month of my birth and each year I have a special of some sort to celebrate with my customers.  This year I am giving FREE SHIPPING throughout the month of March to anyone who contacts me and asks for the “BIRTHDAY SPECIAL”.

Just make your purchases, but don’t pay, contact me though eBay by requesting your total and ask for the “BIRTHDAY SPECIAL” and I will send you a special invoice with FREE SHIPPING.  Happy Shopping!

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Easter and Church

March is the last month that we will have our limited edition Church and Easter items available.  We still have a few Church furniture & accessory sets left.  There are still some Easter Gem Packs and Easter Baskets available, along with our Lego Easter Basket set.

I have just two Afghan sets at this time and I’m not sure how soon I will have more. My friend who does the crocheting is having health trouble and has not been able to do any crocheting for a several months.  The afghan & pillow sets that are left are in the Monet and Aspen colors.

Our custom Legos have been a big hit ever since we first started to introduce them back in 2011. Our latest addition to the custom Lego line is the news stand set. Be sure to check out our listings on eBay by following the link in the sidebar!

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Limited Edition Church & Easter

In case this is your first time to visit my site, let me quickly point out that we have a line of limited edition creations in addition to our regular lines.  The limited editions are limited because they are only offered for two months out of the year.  Every two months we rotate these creations — following seasonal themes or holidays.  And for February and March we will be offering our church and Easter creations.

Again this year we will have church sets with pews and podiums, Easter baskets, Easter gem packs and a custom Lego Easter basket set.  Easter falls on April 5th this year, so be sure to order early. Many of our items would make fun Easter basket fillers, and our church furniture sets would make great table displays for church conferences and special services.

All of our items are scaled to work with 8″ dolls such as Ginny and Madame Alexander, but many will also work for Barbie. The size is 6th scale, which is twice the size of normal dollhouse items.

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Happy 2015

Best wishes for a great new year to all my doll and Lego collector friends!  As most of you know, we are in the middle of our Birthday and Valentine day limited edition sales.  All of our cakes, candies and other goodies will be available only thru the end of January.

This year we had several one-of-a-kind items and there are still a few left.  Don’t forget that our Lego birthday cakes & gifts are just the right size to use with 8″ dolls.  And speaking of Legos, our new mini shops have been a big hit and we’ve recently introduced some new gumball designs and a new newspaper stand set.  These will go great with all our shops!

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Limited Editions for Birthdays & Valentine’s Day

Wow, it seems these past two months of Christmas sales went by in a flash!  And here we are in December with the start of our Limited Editions for the months of December and January.  Again this year you will see our unique Birthday Gem Packs featuring those beautifully detailed re-ment cakes!  We have some new cakes this year featuring Disney characters. We still have our cute Valentine cookie making gem packs, too, along with our pink dish sets.  Lego birthday cake & gifts sets will also be available.

I’ll be offering a few special Gem Packs this year with cute candies or cookies.   Be sure to get yours while supplies last!

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Holiday Happenings

Our holiday sales have been going on since the start of last month and will continue through the end of November.  Remember that our Limited Edition holiday items are only available two months out of the year and sales of these items will be ending soon, so be sure to get yours soon!

WHAT’S NEW — We recently introduced new custom Lego “mini” shops.  They are a smaller version of our regular shops. These mini versions are half the length of our other shops and measure just 2½” square.  They are just the right size for Minifigs and Friends, and all six shops can be put together to form as small as a 5 x 7½ inch footprint.  They are so cute!

CLOSEOUT SALES — Several of our holiday items are being closed out from our inventory and are being offered at rock bottom prices.  Be sure to get yours before they are gone!  These items include our Christmas red hat stands, the taller decorated Christmas trees, and our kitchen gems packs with holiday dishes.

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Holiday Sales have begun!

As many of you know, October and November are the two months out of the year when we offer special holiday creations.  Again this year we will offer decorated Christmas trees, wreaths, nativity scenes, and many other accessories scaled for 8″ dolls such as Madame Alexander, Ginny, Tiny Betsy McCall and similar size dolls.  Since our creations are 6th scale, many of them will also work for Barbie dolls. NEW items this year will include our Holiday Gift Sets which feature a stuffed animal and 2 decorated gift boxes.

Also during this time of year we offer special custom Lego creations.  These limited editions consist of Pet Tanks and Car & Trailer sets. Our pet tanks come in sets of three with fish, frogs and tarantula.  Our car & trailer sets come with a four piece set of lumber all scaled for minifigs and friends.

Since the above items are offered for only two months out of the year, they are known as Limited Editions. Our other creations are offered year around.

In addition to our Limited Editions, we also have a few holiday items that are being cleared from our inventory and have been listed as reduced prices. Happy holiday shopping to you!

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