Having a Blast on the 4th of July!

I’m having a blast during the Independence Day celebrations this week, but it’s not the kind that’s going on outside.  I’m having a blast with my new doll shops!  I always wanted to have my own shop for as far back as I can remember and now I have a miniature version.  I’ve introduced five shops just the right size for 8″ dolls like Madame Alexander and Ginny.

We are offering both furniture and accessories for the shops.  I love all the creations for the shops, but my most favorite has to be the miniature pin cushion being offered for the sewing shop. I also love the miniature bird house and bird feeder for the Garden shop. Other favorites include the miniature Yankee candle replicas, the tiny jars of candy, and even though I don’t happen to be a sports fan, I love the packaged basketball for the Toy Shop.

Our best seller so far is the miniature paper doll sets for the Toy shop, along with the miniature crochet, knitting & cross-stitch kits for the Sewing Shop. There’s even a miniature fold-out of DMC floss colors and tiny gold stork scissors.

I’ve been at the height of my creation joy these past months as I’ve come up with one idea after another for unique accessories for these shops. I’ve managed to get a hold of two Disney cash registers, but you’ll need to hurry if you want one because these are retired and extremely hard to find.  I have one on auction now, and will list the other once the first one sells.

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Doll Playground and New Shops

Summertime is here and it’s time to offer our playground equipment, summer shopping sets and patriotic creations. These limited editions are available only during June and July each year. We are also introducing our new GGC Shops. These doll shops will include a new furniture creations and new gem packs of merchandise for stocking your shops.  There will be a sewing shop, bridal shop, toy shop, garden shop and hobby shop. These shops are large enough to work with 8″ dolls such as Madame Alexander, Ginny, Muffie, Tiny Betsy McCall and similar size dolls. I’m endeavoring to keep the prices of the shop gem packs as low as possible to give you the opportunity to buy several and fill your shops with merchandise.  The shop furniture will be offered as often as we have time to make and finish each piece.  We have several ready to go, so be sure to check out my eBay listings.

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Congratulations to Our 1000th Customer!

Memorial Day 2015 now holds very special meaning for me as it was the day Ginger’s Gems Creations served its 1000th customer.  The recipient of this special honor, and a free gift, is a missionary to South America, who purchased an item as a gift for her sister who lives in Louisiana.

GGC has served customers all over the United States and it’s territories, with repeat customers purchasing as many as 196 of our creations! Customers come back again and again with glowing reports of how pleased they are with their items and the fast shipping and friendly service.  And I love getting the photos that some have sent showing me how they’ve used my creations in their dioramas.

Over the years I have introduced five different lines of creations, and GGC is about to introduce it’s sixth.  GGC Shops will be our newest line of doll furniture and accessories.  Go to the “GGC Shops” tab at the top of the page and get a sneak peak at the creations that are coming soon!

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Clocks, Candles, and Coming Soon

The newness of spring always inspires me to create something new, and this year we have several new items that have either been introduced or are on the horizon.  Our newly introduced creations include a Custom Lego Clock Shop and miniature Yankee Candle Gift Sets.  The candle sets come in six different colors and include a nice wood bowl that will work well as a salad or serving bowl for your 8″ dolls.

Coming Soon:  A new line of products is coming to Ginger’s Gems Creations!  The new line will be known as “GGC Shops” and will include a Sewing Shop, Hobby Shop, Bridal Shop, Toy Shop and Garden Shop. Our new shops will include a store counter, display stands and shop gem packs of inventory items.

I’m so excited about our new shops. I always wanted to have a little shop of my own and now I will have five of them!  I’m loving every minute of creating miniatures of “packaged” items to put on the shelves and display stands.  My husband, Dave, is busy making templates for all four of the display stands that will be available……and they will be as cute as our thread stand that everyone loves so well. We tentatively hope to begin introducing our new shops later this summer, so keep watch on this site for updates!

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April & May Flowers……and Shrubs

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Here at Ginger’s Gems Creations the months of April and May bring our Limited Edition Shrubs and Flowers.  Just as you enhance your yard with shrubs and flowers, and just as you decorate the interior of your house with floral arrangements and greenery, you’ll want to do the same for your doll dioramas and Lego displays.

Again this year we will offer unique shrubs and flowers along with custom Lego flower & garden items. Each creation is considered one-of-a-kind because each one turns out a bit different from all the rest. If you see something you like, be sure to get it before someone else does because you may never see it again!  My floral & greenery supplies change from year to year so I am always offering different items. Be sure to check out my listings on eBay, which is the only place you can buy my creations.

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March Birthday Special – FREE SHIPPING

As many of you know, March is the month of my birth and each year I have a special of some sort to celebrate with my customers.  This year I am giving FREE SHIPPING throughout the month of March to anyone who contacts me and asks for the “BIRTHDAY SPECIAL”.

Just make your purchases, but don’t pay, contact me though eBay by requesting your total and ask for the “BIRTHDAY SPECIAL” and I will send you a special invoice with FREE SHIPPING.  Happy Shopping!

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Easter and Church

March is the last month that we will have our limited edition Church and Easter items available.  We still have a few Church furniture & accessory sets left.  There are still some Easter Gem Packs and Easter Baskets available, along with our Lego Easter Basket set.

I have just two Afghan sets at this time and I’m not sure how soon I will have more. My friend who does the crocheting is having health trouble and has not been able to do any crocheting for a several months.  The afghan & pillow sets that are left are in the Monet and Aspen colors.

Our custom Legos have been a big hit ever since we first started to introduce them back in 2011. Our latest addition to the custom Lego line is the news stand set. Be sure to check out our listings on eBay by following the link in the sidebar!

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